since May 31, 2022

Phantom, Empyreum, W21 P56

Open on Tuesdays (20 to 22 ST)

A white rabbit face

The White Rabbit Den

(the Brewery is hiring staff!)



Generic Information for all jobs
1) Hours of operations are every Tuesday from 19 to 21 Server Time (two hours total);
2) The brewery has its uniform, we will provide you with the needed glam items if you haven't them. Bards are exempt;
3) The wage is made by the tips equally divided between the staff. The house takes none of them;
4) any level of RP experience is accepted, and we require you will keep IC while on the job;
5) we all do this for fun;
6) this is an RP tavern, not a club with VIP services. Don't expect to get rich here. See point 5);
7) if you are still here and did not run away after reading points 3) and 6), you can apply for the position(s) above by joining the Brewery's Discord and contacting Lynn Lablanc with a private message.

Job Openings

The brewery is searching for a welcomer that will greet the incoming guests with the venue's /tell and /say macro.



The brewery is a meeting point for first-time Role Players or experienced adventurers in the middle of their travels, with an open stage any bard can use to play their music, and welcomes both Casual and Immersive RP.
You are welcome to /say chat with your friends (if possible) to let the newcomers peek at the conversations going on and help them to get an idea of role-playing. All the staff is IC.

RP Intro/Setup
The brewery is well maintained, warm and cheerful. Small stones and carved pillars make up most of the building's outer structure. It's impossible to see through the small, stained glass windows, but the enthusiastic noises from within can be felt outside.
As you enter the tavern through the old, wooden door, you will be welcomed by joyful music by the resident bard. The bartender may be busy but always smiling!
Stone beams support the upper floor and the torches attached to them.
You did hear rumors about this tavern, supposedly it's famous for offering the best quality beers of all Eorzea and beyond. You may find a seat here and prepare for what will undoubtedly be a great evening.

Other info
- Special Events are announced on Discord;
- RP "safe area": hostile rolls have disadvantage;
- Spoilers: all events up to patch 3.3 included are common knowledge here (Ishgard residential unlocked).

(on top of Discord and FFXIV's ToS rules)
1. Listen to the staff
If a member of the staff asks you to do something, (or stop doing something) you need to comply or leave the place if you don't want comply;
2. Check your weapons
Your weaponry must be hidden;
3. Check tags and chat
looking for party (green) and looking for meld (yellow) tags,
/shout and /yell channels are reserved to the staff,
public chat/emoting must be SFW;
4. Do not be disruptive
It's ok to be silly and have a good time, but your fun is not allowed to disrupt the fun of the other guests or the Staff;




Price: 100 Gil.
((price is for RP purposes only, you don't need to pay actual Gil.
Tips will help the staff and the events))

Blonde beer

Moonlight Beer - First brewed by the Goblins in Idyllshire on the 1st Umbral Moon, The Moonlight is a wheat beer spiced with coriander and orange peel. It is unfiltered and therefore has a cloudy appearance. It is customarily drunk with a slice of orange. It has an alcoholic content of 4.9%

Red beer

Red Dragon Beer - it is a deep red lager brewed with copious amounts of caramel malt and just a touch of chocolate malt for color. Brewed in the Dravanian winter and left to lager until spring, this seasonal comes and goes rather quickly, making an appearance in draft only. Lynn made sure to have always at hand a sufficient amount for her Guests to taste. It has an alcoholic content of 5.6%

Brown beer

Temple Beer - this bold beer explodes with chocolate and dark fruit alongside an unmeasurable alcoholic content thatโ€™s the signature of the style. The only beer Viera can drink without it feeling like water to them, and the other races get easily knocked down from it. Brewed by the Temple Knights in an unknown location of Ishgard. Rumors says Lynn's has a hand in that.


Non-alcoholic drink - If you don't drink alcohol but want to join your friends in the place, you have it covered! Lemon juice and red-orange juice are the common selections.

Anything other - Out-of-the-menu requests are provided at the discretion of the staff.





Bar service

You can find at the counter and at your table a selection of fine beers and juices (see menu).


Bard Events

The place sometimes uses the open stage to provide bard music to listen to.


Club/DJ Events

Probably the tables will survive some people dancing over them. Why not!


Private parties

You can book the whole place for your birthday or any other event. Laying drunk corpses around after your party will incur an additional cleaning fee.